Shelley from London

When we first contacted Erin, we were unsure if it would be a good fit for us. Our son Finley had no diagnosis, and we were still in the early stages of figuring out if he was on the spectrum. We knew we needed something to help him NOW and we were facing an 18-month waitlist. Finn’s behaviour was a constant struggle, and it felt like the “Finn show” all the time. We felt lost and frustrated, and there were many tears shed by all of us.

Erin immediately saw Finn for who he was and understood him, even after just a brief meeting. She provided us with step-by-step instructions to help Finn, Paul, and me. The progress was gradual, and we weren’t sure if the steps and tools we were using were working until we experienced the effects of Erin’s coaching first hand, in public places – we didn’t have to deal with big tantrums or emotions about leaving. The struggles to get Finn into the bathtub decreased. Erin has brought significant change in our lives. Our life looks calmer and less stressful. We are grateful for Erin’s support and cheerleading for our family.


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